Francis’ Abu Dhabi Committee Collaborates with The [Criminal] European Parliament

The “spirit of religions” is “very significant” for all human beings, David Maria Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament, fabulated during a meeting with the Egyptian judge Mohammed Abdelsalam, the secretary general of Francis’ Higher Committee of Human Fraternity.

Sassoli is a member of the Partito Democratico, a neo-communist political party in Italy. Francis’ Higher Committee of Human Fraternity wants to cooperate with “key international organisations,” Abdelsalam told Sassoli according to (January 19).

“The spirit of religions is very significant for all humans," Sassoli replied. He welcomed launching “channels of dialogue” and cooperation with the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity in order to strengthen “human dignity and rights.”

Reality speaks a different language. Sassoli’s parliament is involved in criminal sanctions against the Syrian population which are throwing millions of human beings into dire misery.

Picture: David Sassoli, Copyright: Wikicommons, Creative Commons

The European Parliament wouldn't like living under Shari'a in Egypt. Just sayin'...
Miles - Christi
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