New Code Of Canon Law Inadequate to Handle Sexual Abuses

“We need to return to the more explicit and detailed language of the 1917 Code of Canon Law”, Cardinal Raymond Burke told EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo on August 16.

Burke called the language of the 1983 Code “not adequate”, after Arroyo confronted him with the paragraphs concerning sexual abuses of 1917 and of 1983.

The cardinal reminds that there are liturgical rites for the degradation of bishops and clerics who have sinned gravely, “Those rites were not only there for the sake of completeness.”

Arroyo also asked him about the claims of the Francis sycophant Father Thomas Rosica according to whom Francis rules the Church not based on Scripture and Tradition but based on his whims.

Burke called this statement “nonsense” and “a great disservice” to Francis.

No pope, according to Burke, can govern the Church as a “selfmade autocrate”.


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St Micheal defend and protect Cardinal Burke, we are so blessed to have him during these troubled times. Blessed Be God Forever!
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In light of the scandal, publisher cancels Cardinal Wuerl's forthcoming book. Screenshot sent to me by a bookseller.
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