Normand Thomas

39. Giving us time

We live every day the opportunity to convert more. It’s essential to improve our relationship with Jesus. Otherwise, we’ll move on. We will leave the Church and we will leave faith practises so necessary to our survival. We’ll no longer celebrate Mass to thank God for all that he offers.

We are invited to refocus on the need to check with Jesus if we really follow him or if we’re going away. May we rediscover the importance of our first conscious love with God.

A retreat in prayer, a few days to refocus on Jesus and the quality of our faith will help us to find ourselves in him. Let’s give once again our trust to Jesus.

Let’s go back to what initially brought us to Jesus. Let’s rethink when and how we converted to him. Who convinced us to follow Jesus?

May we dare to move another step forward.

May we dare to find ways to get closer to Jesus.

May we dare to improve in faith.

Let’s accept new steps in faith now, otherwise we’ll quickly go astray.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas