Silvia Is Now Aisha: “I Was Struck by the Solidarity of the Community”

Before her kidnapping, she was indifferent to God and a non-believer, Silvia Romano, 23, from Milan, who now calls herself “Aisha,” told Islamic (July 6). Before becoming a Muslim, she …
Poor thing. She got Stockholm syndrome
Why shouldn't they, salliperson? Other anti-Semitic groups use GTV to push their "agitprop" for E. Michael Jones. Jmy1975 is correct in describing the content. Sooo, the Muslims pretend they venerate Jesus, Jones pretends he venerates Jesus. Both of them use religion to push a genocidal agenda. Same old, same old... just another day on GTV, eh? ;-)
What is this agitprop?
Now the Mohammad's are posting here?
Chasuble made from the captured Ottoman tents from the battle of Vienna.
Síndrome de Estocolmo.