Anglican Professor: Is Francis a Liberal Protestant?

Gerald McDermott asks on First Things (November 15) whether Pope Francis is a liberal Protestant.

A professor at Divinity School of Samford University in Birmingham, USA, he questions Francis' faith, "which seems, if not weak, at least different from that of the Catholic tradition”.

McDermott reminds that Francis claimed that Jesus’s multiplication of the loaves was not a miracle but a sort of sharing (2013), that lost souls do not go to hell (2015), that Jesus begged his parents for "forgiveness" (2015), or that God was “unjust with his son” (2016).

According to McDermott “those days when there was a clear beacon shining from across the Tiber” are gone, "Rome itself has been infiltrated by the sexual revolution."

Picture: © Jeffrey Bruno, Aleteia, CC BY-SA, #newsWrnsxnsxai
GJA Taylor
He is a very bad pope, pray that Our Lord grant him a Pauline Conversion.
What other miracles does Pope francis not believe ??,What about the Resurrection ? Does he believe it ???????
The question answers itself. All Francis needs to do is formally convert to the Anglicans