Christmas Campaign: Financial Insights
Cuthbert Mayne
Never go full Vigano
Someone needs to remind Archbishop Vigano that monarchies are inherently despotic in nature. Ironic he would mention the French Revolution since so many conspiracy-minded Catholics insist that was the work of eeeevil Masonic atheists destroyed a begnin idyllic Catholic monarchy surpassing Arthur's Camelot in nobility, justice, and fair treatment for its subjects.
GJA Taylor
Ultraviolet - did you read that in a ladybird book?
Your sarcasm is undermined on two points. First, mockery is a poor substitute for a factually-based rebuttal. All too often the former is the only substitute available when the latter is impossible.

Second, your prattish attempts at wit are overwhelmed by joyful nostalgia! "Ladybird" books. How I adored those wonderful little volumes!