Blood of San Gennaro: Archdiocese Lets Miracle Happen One Day Later

Rosaries were recited in the Cathedral of Naples, 200 km south of Rome, on May 1 awaiting the liquefaction of the blood of the city's saint, San Gennaro, which had to take place on Saturday before the first Sunday of May.

But nothing happened. The clot of blood collected in the reliquary remained like a stone - an omen for doom.

On Sunday, then: coup de théâtre. The archdiocese announced that the blood had liquified on Sunday at 5:18 PM - one day too late. "Here is the miracle live before my eyes," an enthusiastic Januaria Piromallo wrote in the fake-news The archdiocese had notified her by text message when "it happened," and she had rushed to the Cathedral.

When she arrived, unsurprisingly almost nobody was there - not even sitting-on-the-floor Archbishop Battaglia had been in a hurry to show up. Therefore, Januaria sat "alone, in the front row, usually reserved for ecclesiastical authorities."

She has her own explanation for San Gennaro's delay: "as if the Saint wanted to see the anti-Covid distancing measures respected." A more likely explanation is that San Gennaro is sick and tired of performing before decadent and anti-Catholic prelates.


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