Abuse Hoax: Anti-Catholic Bishop Gets Away With Manipulating, Hushing Up Abuses

Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, deputy chairman of the German bishops, claimed at a September 22 press conference that he consulted with the homosexualist Hans Zollner, a Jesuit and Vatican official for abuses cases, before deciding NOT to resign.

Bode is credibly accused of having mishandled abuse allegations. He left accused [liberal] priests in office or reappointed them. Bode acknowledged that he made “serious mistakes” and apologised BUT didn’t offer his resignation.

His reference to Zollner was interpreted widely as if Zollner had endorsed Bode’s decision to remain in office. Previously, Zollner has called for resignations in similar cases.

Asked by PillarCatholic.com, Zollner didn’t comment on his private conversation with Bode saying the bishop should be asked for further comment.

Bode’s spokesman admitted on October 5 that “Zollner spoke neither for nor against the bishop’s resignation” despite Bode’s September suggestion to the contrary.

The anti-Catholic oligarchs' media keep mum about the affair because Bode is their man while they relentlessly attack Cologne Cardinal Woelki whom they consider to be too Catholic, with false accusations.

This proves that abuses are interesting for the oligarchs only as long as they can use them for their purposes.

Picture: Franz-Josef Bode © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsGflioarvzi

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Bode spokesman: Zollner did not advise remaining in office after abuse report