Very difficult to say anything specially to the parents of these litle children ,I pray for you to be strong and ask the Lord to help you in this difficult time,and for surely your children are in heaven
The children are home with their Father and their Queen Mother . Their happiness is beyond telling.
Laura Yunque
Precisely, Sally.
De Profundis
We know he had a lisp, wore eye liner, was aggressive toward girls, worked at Wendy's, played X-box, was a loner, was born in North Dakota, moved to TX and lived with grandmother. Why don't we know one thing about his parents? (Read here: TX school shooter was bullied at school because of the clothes he wore)
Sally Dorman
Nearly all mass shootings, along with nearly all violence in our cities, trace directly back to kids raised in unstable families with absentee parents. So predictable that I knew it was the case with the Texas shooter before it was confirmed. Maybe we should talk about this.