Police Found Demons, Francis Will Display Them In St Peter’s

“I apologise to those who have been offended by the theft and the sinking of the Amazonian statuettes into the Tiber,” Francis told his Amazon Synod on October 25 turning the Pachamama adorers into "victims."

According to IMedia.info.org, Francis identified the statuettes as those of the Andes goddess Pachamama. InfoVaticana.com knows that he also said that the idols were recovered by the Italian police.

Francis went on making the mendacious statement that the idols were exposed in Santa Maria in Traspontina "without idolatry."

Then he announced that they will be displayed in St. Peter's during the closing Mass of the Pachamama Synod.


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Gesù è con noi
Another lie of the anti-Pope Bergoglio, he said that the idols of the Pachamama were exhibited in the church without the intention of idolatry and then what is this?
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio the vicar of Pachamama. By demonstrating his obstinacy in his heresy and apostasy Bergoglio commits the sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. No faithful Catholic can keep calling this imposter 'pope'. Because that means becoming an accomplice of a heretic and being automatically excommunicated.
He should have put an ax to them before tossing in the Tiber.
More were flown in by Brazilian marxists. Francis is now just heretic Jorge.....
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.
next time burn them
Isn't this the point where all those who attacked you for reporting on our concerns, that these seemed to be statues of Pachamama, apologise to you?
The opinions and comments on this site are horrific However, if one wants to know the connection between this Pachamama idol and global governance - read this..............nikiraapana.blogspot.com/…/green-virgin-pa…
Where were the idols manufactured? Someone needs to track this down. How did they get from the "shop" or "plane" to the dog and pony show? This is information that should be available in the city of Rome. Can they "prove" through scientific evidence that the idols thrown into the river were, in fact, the ones they promise to bring to closing ceremony? I hate to sound so skeptical.....
He confirmed that this is "Pachamama." End of debate. This is demon worship.
How do we know that the liars tell the truth now? Is there a video of the fishing? They could just bring in more idols.
Here it is: Pope Francis *himself* called the statues "Pachamama," according to Vatican reporters. Although the Vatican has denied. Gaslighting.