Louis IX
I hold out hope against hope that he doesn’t know who these losers are that get paraded in front of him in these glad handing sessions.
Keep in mind her definition of "intimidation" likely means mothers being offered alternatives to paying someone to execute their own baby and support in making the right "choice".
Baltimore Catechism:
"Q. 554. Could a person who denies only one article of our faith be a Catholic?
A. A person who denies EVEN ONE article of our faith could not be a Catholic; for truth is one and we must accept it whole and entire or not at all."
This is only the fourth highest Papal order awarded. Pope Francis is saving the higher orders for actual abortionists.
Each abortion is an offering to the antichrist, which pleases Francis.
He surely has something for his pal Emma Bonino. Boasting of 20k abortions. That's surely earned the moloch badge.