De Profundis
The Supreme Court’s conservative majority on Monday appeared to side with a Colorado graphic artist and website designer who refuses to provide creative services that she says conflict with her Christian faith.

Supreme Court hears free speech case of artist who objects to same-sex weddings

The case centers on the question of “whether applying a public-accommodation law to compel an artist to speak or stay …
John A Cassani
Remember what happened to the cake baker? He “won” in the Supreme Court, but only on very narrow grounds. There was no precedent set. Unless they set a precedent in favor of conscience rights, that will not allow a federal law to undo it, they will do nothing good, even if they hand a victory to these particular people.
Louis IX
Wouldn’t doing so (forcing a designer to work on a project they find repugnant) be like forcing an actress or actor to do porn? How did this stupidity get this far?