John Paul II: "Heat wey dem no fit explain"

John Paul II (+2005) release heat wey i no fit explain from im body, na wetin Italian virologist Giulio Tarro, 81, tell LeFedeQuotidiana.it (April 27).

Tarro feel dis when im shake John Paul II hand. Him call am "articular prana," say e fit commot pain.

"Prana" na "breath," "life force," or "vital principle" for Sanskrit language. As Hindu believe, e dey every place.

Tarro say im save John Paul II life after dem try to kill am for 1981 when the Pope lose lyk 3 liters of blood, and receive blood wey come give am infection.

"One Polish fada call me, im secretary, and I reach Rome shap shap come see say im dey sick. I no tink, I just decide to treat the infection, wey from virus, with interferon," according to Tarro.

Dem dey use interferon treat both hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Foto: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWdqirxzzsl