Vatican Grants “Annulment” To Dubious Starlet

Gwen Stefani, 51, an American singer, actress and “fashion designer" who, nevertheless, performs in underwear, was granted an annulment from the marriage with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale whom she divorced in 2016.

The spouses were married in 2002 and have three sons (14, 12, 6). According to (January 7), the decision was made by a Vatican tribunal. The Vatican judiciary is notorious for its sloppy work.

Currently, Stefani lives with Blake Shelton, 44, whom she wants to marry in Church.

US Annulment Divorces

There are US dioceses which grant every request for an annulment. The following 2016 data show the dioceses which produced the highest number of annulments. The first number shows decisions in favour of a marriage bond, the second decisions favour of nullity:

Cleveland: 1 - 247
Rockville Centre: 0 - 227
Wichita: 2 - 187
Raleigh: 0 - 168
Kansas: 1 - 159
Boston: 1 - 157
Louisville: 0 - 137
Columbus: 3 - 133


Wichita Knight
Odd that Moses should be pointing this out. After all, he had two wives, Zipporah and a Cushite woman. Lamech: 2 wives. Gideon: several, exact number not stated. Elkanah: 2 wives. King David: 8 wives. Not to mention a second wife one would get from a Levirite marriage or as a plunder of war.

Also, which Commandment is he pointing to? I do not recall one mentioning adultery.
People Wake up
You have no idea what you talking about.
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