The Enemies of Mass “Are Going to War Again”

The decision of Dijon Archbishop Roland Minnerath, 74, France, to kill his Roman Rite community is not that of a pastor who governs his diocese like a father, Raymond Pierre an expert on the situation in Dijon told Paix-Liturgique.com.

He calls Minnerath “a ‘classic’ bishop who is rather conservative.” For Pierre, this was not Minnerath’s decision who has been in Dijon since 2004 and could have killed the group a long time ago. What happened in Dijon is a trial run, Pierre believes. If it is successful, the enemies of the Mass will do the same somewhere and kill the Roman Rite communities "one after the other.”

The enemies of the Mass have become elderly like Minnerath, but they are still in charge in the Vatican and in France [and many other countries], Pierre explains. In this context, he mentions the answer of the French bishops to the Vatican’s questionnaire about the Roman Liturgy in which they complained that on average only between 20 and 70 people [Dijon: 300] attend Old Rite Masses, that the homilies are bad, and the training in traditional seminaries “poor.” For Pierre, this answer is a refusal of reality.

Pierre expects a strong resistance in Dijon. The faithful are already denouncing the contempt in which they are held, “It is first and foremost the faithful, their families and all those who have spiritual needs who are mainly targeted.”

Picture: Roland Minnerath, #newsPabmveekpm

Dr Bobus
. . . Old Rite Masses . . . the homilies are bad,
How is that different from most Novus Ordo Masses?More
. . . Old Rite Masses . . . the homilies are bad,

How is that different from most Novus Ordo Masses?
I thought Vatican II was supposed to be a "Pastoral Council" according to the mindset of its pioneers, John XXIII and Paul VI. But in the shifty hands of Neo-Modernist Fascists it has been transformed into the most dogmatic of Councils whose first document dismantled the Liturgy.
Dr Bobus
The strategy after Vat II was to force "pastoral" strategies on everyone. When there was resistance, then the Vat II enthusiasts, inspired by Robespierre, persecuted those who objected.
Cuthbert Mayne
Clearly the Bishop of Dijon thinks the FSSP doesn’t cut the mustard.
Dr Bobus
Or better--the Bishop of Dijon doesn't cut the mustard.
Jan Joseph
Pure geestelijke mishandeling van de priesters en de gelovigen. Misdaden tegen de mensheid, maar ze zullen hun straf niet ontlopen.