Usually a bishop will persecute a priest for upholding the teaching of the Church on homosexuality for a very specific reason. You can guess it.
Brennan is probably a faggot or his best friend or boyfriend is one. Butt piracy and V2 seem inseparable.
Gesù è con noi
The Apostate Robert Brennan is a traitor who does not defend Catholic Doctrine but Publicly Denies the faith. The Apostate Robert Brennan is not in full communion with the Catholic Church that Jesus Christ founded. This apostate would persecute today Saint Paul, Saint Peter and Jesus Christ himself
God bless Fr. Joseph Klee.
The bishop will have Much to answer for to God.
Hound of Heaven
Time for strategic tithing.
“Seemingly “ ???
We certainly don’t want crystal clear Catholic doctrine offending anyone, do we ?
Alex A
Not according to some on GTV. They love going down 'rabbit holes' of questionable apparitions and claiming their veracity in the process.
@Alex A Those fans of Lewis Carroll forget a basic fact known to outdoorsmen and farmers. Sometimes the only thing down those "rabbit holes" are venomous serpents who've already devoured the rabbits and are patiently waiting for more. ;-)
Dr Bobus
To use fornication with homosexual activity is to give fornication a bad name.