It is time to end the university system

You bring a beautiful daughter into the world and then the communist higher ed system sends her back to you like this.
Because -some- universities are currently flawed ideologically, does not mean all universities are or that the system itself must be ended. Apply such an argument to The Church. Some parishes and some clerics are in error. Others are not. Individual errors have no bearing on the Church system as a whole.
Alex A
@Ave Crux> Where's your sensibilities? "No parent in their right mind......"
Ave Crux
No Catholic parent in their right mind would send their child to anything but a solidly Traditional Catholic institute of higher education. God doesn't need you to destroy your child's soul in order to provide for their future's successful livelihood. Believe me, take my word for it -- I know this firsthand.
Where can a University like that be found?
The interior change is reflected on the outside. Very sad.
Alex A
As it would mine. God Bless!
Jim Dorchak
I experienced this with my Daughter as well. My heart breaks. The colored hair and tatoos and stupid illogical ideas that they have filled her head with. It is very sad. In my case she was told about how evil the Catholic Church is.

Adding insult to injury I paid good money for my daughter to lose her soul.
It breaks my heart.