Novena - Oremus

St. Ambrose of Milan compared... infirm body to a broken musical instrument. He explained how the "musician" can still produce God-pleasing "music" without his instrument:
"If a man used to singing to the accompaniment of a harp finds the harp broken, and its strings undone... he puts it aside and instead of calling for its notes he delights himself with his own voice.
"In the same way, a sick man allows the harp of his body to lie unused. He finds delight within his heart and comfort in the knowledge that his conscience is clear. He sustains himself with God's words and the prophetic writings and, holding these sweet and pleasant in his soul, he embraces them with his mind. Nothing can happen to him because God's graceful presence breathes favor upon him... He is filled with spiritual tranquility" (Jacob and the Happy Life).