Zen: Why Francis Fired Cardinal Filoni

Cardinal Zen writes on (November 21) that we are living in the last days of human history.

In this context he lists facts about the Vatican's betrayal of the Chinese Church.

Francis' legitimation of seven illegitimate State bishops, two of them married, is for Zen even worse than the secret Vatican-China agreement which is used “to demand everything from the Catholic faithful.”

Zen informs that Cardinal Filoni, the former Prefect of the Mission Congregation, was helping the Chinese Catholics telling them “not to be cheated" because "it is not in the agreement.”

For Zen this was probably the reason why Francis dismissed Filoni two years before he reached the retirement age.

Picture: Filoni, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRbfuelskjf

People have been saying we're living in "the last days of human history" since the time of the Emperor Nero. Then "the last days of human history" was the Plague. This is as bad as the Lutherans and their ever changing date for the Rapture.
God bless Cardinal Zen
He's the treasure of the Church, real Jesus' disciple.