Benedict XVI Distances Himself - But Not From Francis' Gay Unions

Benedict XVI dissociated himself from the Katholische Integrierte Gemeinde, a community he recognised in 1978 when he was the Munich Archbishop (, October 26).

Now he says, that he "was not informed" or "even deceived” about “certain things" in the community's life. He regrets that "the impression was created" that he approved all the group's activities.

In October 2019, visitators observed that “spiritual abuse” and a system of psychological and financial dependence existed in the community, “Relationships and marriages were established and separated according to whether the congregational assembly considered this to be beneficial for the community. It decided whether and when a married couple was allowed or should have children.”

Among the members were German liberal theologians like Father Gerhard Lohfink or Rudolf Pesch (+2011).


has anyone seen Benedict XVI since he came from Germany ?
We have Francis because Benedict XVI resigned. He was a modernist at Vatican II and has remained one
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@mccallansteve Modernist with a small m?
Gesù è con noi
"Same-sex marriage comes from the Antichrist" Pope Benedict XVI