Normand Thomas

37. Learning to love

We’re not in a relationship with God to please God, because he has everything he needs. We are in a relationship with God to improve our perception of reality, to see clearly and to learn to love like God loves us.

We are invited to feel the movements of God’s grace as we feel the wind’s breeze on us. God is the light breeze that surrounds us externally and internally.

We can welcome the Holy Spirit in every fibre, in every cell, in all that is infinitely small in our being. Let’s ask him to fill us, complete us with his graces. God’s presence accepted in our heart fulfills, transforms, and embellishes us.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, whatever sin we’ve done, with sincere repentance and confessing to a priest, God will be with us in the joyful struggle for peace and the wonder of new discovery of his grace, if we keep him in us.

We can live a relationship with God as important as all the people in the Bible, of all the saints, making small gestures and saying good and daily edifying words. Moreover, it’s much easier to experience joy and offer the joy of living than to be in despair and collect misery.

Let’s work to help those around us to recognize God’s Love manifested in a multitude of ways, starting with mercy, joy, hope, peace… A small step with open arms, a good deed, a kind word every day and it will illuminate the world around us. When the world becomes joyful and peaceful, our quality of life improves.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas