Gänswein: Resignations of Popes Will Become A "Normal State Of Affairs"

Benedict XVI is convinced that his resignation was the right thing to do, his secretary Archbishop Georg Gänwein told Tgcom24.

According to Gänswein, the possibility to resign has existed as long as the papal office has existed [although it is inconceivable to imagine that Saint Peter would have had resigned].

For Gänswein, the resignation of a pope becomes "a natural thing" if it is done in a "realistic manner" and for important reasons.

He predicts that the resignation of a pope will become “a situation which will no longer be an extraordinary thing.”

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsKrvlpqksjp
Louis IX
Not if Prudence wins the day. This resignation was a disaster. Hopefully lessons will have been learned.
Obviously the new norm!
...and when did the Archbishop become a member of the Psychic Friends Network? One resignation after centuries is hardly a trend.
Why?so many years without any resignations ?are the popes getting weaker ?