Hysteria: Salesian Gets 32 Years (!) For TOUCHING Adolescents

The Superior Court of Justice of Galicia, Spain, sentenced Segundo C.V., a Salesian, to 32 years in prison for seven instances of touching the gentials of seven 15-year-old almost exclusively through their cloths and at night, “while they slept or were drowsy.”

In addition, he received 36 years of probation and must compensate the six “victims” with €76,000 who according to the court allegedly “suffered evident psychological damage.” Suffering homosexual abuses is a possible reason for developing homosexual behaviour.

Segundo was a religion teacher at the Salesian school in Vigo. He touched the teenagers during a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and in a youth association he directed.

While his behaviour is reprehensible, the sentence is hypocritical in a country that “allows” abortion up to birth killing 100’000 defenceless children a year.

As a comparison: A man killed his neighbour with a pair of scissors in Ciudad Real, Spain, stabbing the victim with such great force in the face, neck, and thorax that the blades were bent due to the violence used. On October 22, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison.


This is a bad sentence, how, exactly? It shows that societly, even modern western society, still doesn't tolerate child molestors.
If he is a perv, he deserves time, but that sentence is basically the normal for murder in that post Catholic country.