Anne Soupa – the Perfect Candidate for Lyon Archbishop

The French “theologian” Anne Soupa announced over Twitter that she would like to succeed Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, 69, as the archbishop of Lyon, France.

Soupa was immediately praised and hailed by the oligarch media. Nevertheless, Soupa has excellent qualifications for getting the job:

• she is 73 and would thus enforce the ecclesiastical gerontocracy

• she believes in feminism ideology

• she despises Catholic doctrine

• she believes that the sacraments “are not everything” in Christian life

• she is well connected with the anti-Catholic Church establishment

• before Francis’ election she held a “feminine conclave” which decided that a “pope of mercy” should be elected

• she promotes a revisionist exegesis to project her heresies into the Bible

• she is a Francis follower

• she is a Luther and Judas apologist

• she was born on April 1

Picture: Anne Soupa, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsFmtejrdnwo

Alex A
A very poor joke!
Roberto 55
She is a joke...