Curia Cardinal Adores Pachamama (Video)

In 2015, Curia Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi produced a scandal when he participated in a Pachamama celebration. At the time, a video was uploaded on several times generating about 20k clicks.

The Pachamama Synod shows that this was not an isolated incident. In the video below, Ravasi walks around a blanket honouring "Mother Earth" (Pachamama) and "Father Sun" (Tata Inti).

The celebration was led by a shaman and happened in San Marcos Sierras, Argentina. It was part of Ravasi's so called “Courtyard of the Gentiles,” a program fostering "dialogue" with atheists.


He was one of those who was excommunicated by participating in the fraudulent conclave that elected anti-Pope Bergoglio.
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St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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I remember seeing this in 2015........ I also remember wondering: are they on some hallucinogenic substance? and why are there people just standing around wandering in and out of the building? And , I thought, it looks junkie, bush-league and inane
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