Novus Ordo Composer Accused of Abuses

Dominican Father André Gouzes, 78, a French Novus Ordo composer, is accused of homosexual abuse in 2000.

Gouzes composed numerous Masses based on orthodox music and alternate chants for the Liturgy of the Hours, a total of around three thousand compositions, frequently performed in France.

In 1975, he restored the Sylvanès Cistercian Abbey as a centre for sacred music, spirituality, and ecumenism.

The public prosecutor in Rodez, Olivier Naboulet, opened an investigation against Gouzes for allegedly forcing a boy between the ages of 4 and 6 to perform oral sex on him.

Gouzes is unable to testify since he suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Picture: André Gouzes, #newsNngjzctmad
Homoseksuele mannen en vrouwen horen niet in de Rooms Katholieke kerk.
Jeffrey Ade
I'm shocked, well not really!