German Politician Announces Upcoming "Blessing" of His Pseudo-Mariage By Church

The local politician Thorsten Rollmann, 50, Wenigumstadt, Germany, contracted on 29 October a gay pseudo marriage.

He belongs to the Bavarian Christian Social Union which is described as a "Christian-democratic" and "conservative" party.

Rollmann told (December 1) that a "big celebration" for his pseudo-marriage will be held next year and that "there will also be a Church blessing."

A trained bank clerk, Rollmann sings in the church choir, is a lecturer, and distributes Holy Communion. He understands that "older people" have a problem with homosexuality, because "that was considered a sin."

After going public with his homosexuality, he offered his resignation as lector and Communion minister in order to avoid divisions in the parish.

However, the Wenigumstadt pastor backed him and asked Rollmann to inform him if he were confronted with opposition. A woman who did not want to receive Communion from Rollmann, was persuaded by the deacon.

Rollmann doesn't feel offended by the fact that the Church offers him "only" an [illegal] "blessing" and no wedding ceremony:

"For me, the blessing is nothing other than a wedding ceremony, only the stole of the parish priest will not be put over our hands."

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