Abuse Hoax: Michigan Cares Only about “Catholic Abuses”

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced on September 21 that he will launch a statewide investigation into (homo)sexual abuses in the Catholic Church.

But Catholic League’s Bill Donohue urged him on October 4 not to stop with the Church because “an investigation into the sexual abuse of minors in the Michigan public schools is badly needed.”

A 2016 USA Today report found that Michigan is among the worst states at keeping offending teachers out of the classroom.

Donohue writes that in 2017 two Michigan teachers lost their license as compared to 466 in Texas and 363 in California.

“It should not matter who abuses a minor – offenders should be treaded equally” – Donohue admonishes Schuette.

Picture: Bill Schuette, #newsRnngfqzsal
alex j
For once Donohue has a point.