3's Financial Gap And Two Important New Features

Dear friends of,

It's not easy to ask for your gracious support, however this is not the whole purpose of this letter. We also want to tell you about our recent technical innovations. is operated by unpaid volunteers. It is a completely independent, very low budget project with no big sponsors. Therefore, we still need your help to carry out our mission - especially in these tragic times for the Church and society. During the summer we were forced to live from our savings. Therefore, we ask you to support our fall fundraising campaign.

Just one example of recent additional costs: The article's picture shows one of two new 3,000 Euro backup servers we had to buy this summer alongside with a new storage server for another 3,000 Euros.'s Future Is About to Come

Catholics are relying on the oligarch social media. This is a mistake because these media are now even censuring unbiased, fact-based information, only because they don't like it. Catholic journalists are increasingly shadow-banned.

There is no need to guess what is coming next. We know it. Catholics need alternatives because they cannot trust these social media which are our enemies.

Building a Catholic social network is a lot of work and expensive but there is no other way. has been implementing and developing the social media features for years.

In recent months we’ve worked on a video live chat and a livestreaming system. Both are now ready to get started.

How to video chat with a user

1) Click on "Chats" on the left-side of the opening page
2) Chose a user you want to talk to.
3) Click on the camera icon on the user's pop up chat window.
4) “Allow” to use your camera and microphone for the call.
5) Wait for a response. is pressing forward technically. So far we have been able to cover our costs. Sometimes we wonder how. Fundraising is not our core business but it is still very necessary. Please help!

In this weird 2020, after months of pandemic hysteria, we need to raise more funds in autumn and winter than ever before.

Therefore we kindly ask you to support us, even a small amount helps us a lot. Thank you!

to donate with credit card or paypal via Kindful: click here
use a bank transfer to the account:
IBAN AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488


Bishop Gracis’s blog
Is there any other Catholic project run by people who do NOT make a living with it?
Yes, I run a tradcatholic matrix server, which is fully encrypted chat and voice platform on a private server that is free for use and paid for by a handful of trads to avoid using Jew controlled social media. Dm me if anyone is interested in joining.