The Covid Council Church Will Love This: Perfect Choice for Covid Communion

Concordia Supply, based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, presents the TrueVine Chalice Prefilled Communion Cup.

It offers a “safe, convenient, and reverent communion experience for your congregation.” Concordia commends the superior quality, great tasting Concord grape juice or wine, fresh gluten-free bread or wafer, easy and quite ("no distracting noises during your service") open seals on top and bottom, and the elegant easy to hold hard plastic chalice.

There is less spillage than other kits. The bread tastes like bread, not like Styrofoam, and the juice tastes like juice, not coloured sugar water.

The kit allows to “preserve the tradition of communion” and a “faster distribution, providing more time and flexibility for your service.” There are no leftover juice, bread, or cups, “Unused chalices can be put into the tabernacle refrigerated.”

This technology “prevents the spread of germs and makes your church service safer by using sanitary, single-use cups.” The wafer is “baked in the USA.” No wishes remain unfulfilled.
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" Cut the BS "
Cardinal Cupich in Chicago stacked up on these things already, as well as his covidians cult colleagues
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