Smudging Ritual At Cathedral

Thomas Collins, an injection- and lockdown-whip, and Toronto Cardinal, organised a pagan smudging in front of the table in Toronto Cathedral (September 30).

Collins presided a Eucharist for the "National Day for Truth and Reconciliation" and began it with that ceremony (Video below).

Shaman Peter Menzies told that it was “an honour to be asked to lead the smudging ceremony at the cathedral.”

He treats smudging as part of his personal spiritual practice and does not often receive requests from parishes.


Sally Dorman shares this
Cardinal Collins does a smudge ritual before Mass? Is this a new "sacramental"? Replacing prayers at the foot of the altar?
Holy Church gets dirty when Francis opens door for other religions, their rituals that are "demanded" by our God.
It is not the Catholic church folks!
Fully pagan. Totally not Catholic
Wilma Lopez
“Mass is Mass!” Then why did it ever need to be reformed?