Hugh N. Cry
Hopefully this is on to something real and not so much along the lines of the “sovereign man” trend that went so well in getting out of traffic tickets and court cases (not).
Louis IX
But if they stop covid tyranny the cop will have to do the hard part of his job and go after real criminals! Oh the horror!
Good man.. reading the riot act to this policeman.. prayers for him!
This is a CULT!
The New Knights Templar
The powers that be have apparently reached their goal, so they can back down and ease people into a false sense of security. They are already talking about the next pandemic (not that we had one). I don't think the massive resistance we're seeing in many countries comes as much of a surprise to our fearless tyrants. They have explored all the options, I'm sure.
Live Mike
Either that or they plan on reducing the population by other means eg war & famine... I'm keeping my eyes on the Russian Ukraine border
The New Knights Templar
A good point. I have my eye that way as well. It's a huge one-sided chess match, it's good to know that whatever happens, our side wins in the end.