A Children's Swing Presented As "Holy Spirit"

Father Markus Krauth of the anti-Catholic Mariae Geburt Parish in Aschaffenburg, Germany, installed for Pentecost a red swing in his church.

The thing was hanging from the ceiling above the nave. A woman, in a white mask, dressed in a red kind of chasuble, placed herself on the choir loft in front of the organ, holding the swing with her hands.

The participants at the swing show were standing in the nave. At a certain point, the woman pushed the empty swing into the empty space, above the heads of the parishioners who looked up in awe as if they had never seen a children's swing before in their lives.

Krauth told them that - for him - the empty swing represented a "flying dove" which is the Holy Spirit, presenting this as “a very dynamic CELEBRATION OF THE SPIRIT!” The swing show act was seemingly not intended as a spoof.


alfred dunn
Why are these people allowing this to happen?
The New Knights Templar
Let's face it, the shepherds of the German Church, most anyway, are so blinded by Satan that their flesh smells like sulfur already. The German bus is over the cliff, people, and anyone stupid enough to stand there and watch a fool push a swing, deserves to be on that bus when it crashes in Hell. I feel so sorry for these people, I truly do.
Hugh N. Cry
Oh once I was happy, but now I’m forlorn, these crazy liberal priests deviate from the norm. He’s one of those apes in the church chimpanzees, he’s the loon on the flying trapeze.
Let's all say a silent prayer of thanks that Father Markus Kraut isn't a Nena fan. Just imagine how he'd represent the "tongues of fire"...
Why is the congregation and their chairs facing the choir loft presumably with backs to the altar? Gimmicks like this swing are a sacrilege in a sacred place.