Paul VI's Resignation Letter Finally Revealed

On May 2, 1965 Pope Paul VI (+1978) wrote a letter containing his anticipatory resignation to Cardinal Eugene Tisserant, the then Dean of the College of Cardinals.

The text was published in the Osservatore Romano (May 15).

Paul VI anticipatorily renounced his office “in case of infirmity, which is believed to be incurable or is of long duration” and which would impede him from exercising his office.

He gave the authority to decide on whether his resignation would be effective to the Dean of the Cardinals acting together with the cardinals of the Roman Curia.

Wish he had, as the so called New Mass was still five years away. The post V2 changes to the Mass, like removing prayers at the foot of the altar, Last Gospel, and Canon said aloud, were negative, but not the disaster which was the Novus Ordo Missae.