Pro-Gay Protestants Push Cardinal Cupich to Promote Hatred Against Faith

More than 175 pro-gay Protestants sent a letter to pro gay Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich Tuesday morning asking him to more strongly condemn the burning of a gay flag by courageous Father Paul Kalchik.

The group demands confirmation that Father Kalchik has been “removed from ministry.”

It further wants Cupich to issue a statement asserting [against the facts] that there is “no connection” between homosexualism and pedophilia after Father Kalchik stated that, according to independent statistics, over 80% of the abuses in the Catholic Church are caused by homosexuals.

Kalchik is himself a victim of a homosexual abuse.

Picture: Paul Kalchik, ©, #newsXpeakaqlmd and one more user link to this post
The Protestants will be happy because when he finds Kalchik in hiding, Cupich will put him in a shrink: this is the current reward of good Catholics! To your meds, so....
We catholics pray for a clean transparent church not a dark and filthy church ,we also pray for faithfull clergy to speak up and work together with their parishioners to obtain this clean and transparent church
A daily life made of perversion, of imbalance, and of all that involves disorder. And all those who are animated by good-will and are seeking the Truth, will believe, because the Father is faithful to His promises.
Hugh N. Cry
Cupich needs to answer about (Fr) Phillip Jacobs back in the late 80s and early 90s at the Josephinum
We Christians have to get back the rainbow flag because its the token of the covenant. This token was usurpated by Gays it never belonged to them.

16 eritque arcus in nubibus et videbo illum et recordabor foederis sempiterni quod pactum est inter Deum et inter omnem animam viventem universae carnis quae est super terram
@Cardinal Cupich "Go to the poor - you will find God" but remember your primay job is to avoid the rabbit holes of giving them the riches of the Gospel and the Commands of God, and if you meet priests who disagrees with my gay agenda - crush them like cockroaches
Joseph a' Christian
They PROTESTants against Almighty God and His one true Church. Protestants do their own wills, therefore falling also to be tools of evil, satan’s will. They are so stubborn and willful, that they now have thousands of separate churches.
Jesus proclaimed, I Am The Truth. Not truthS.