“Church of the Poor”: 169.000 Dollars for Boss of Bishops’ Relieve Organisation

German Born Bernd Nilles, the director of Fastenopfer/Action de Carême, the relief organisation of the Swiss Bishops, makes 150'000 Sfr (USD168.000) a year, (February 9) writes.

Basel Bishop Felix Gmür (yearly salary: CHF170.000), the president of the board of trustees, receives an expense allowance of CHF1000.

Nilles’ salary is “low” compared to the parish priest in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland, who earn between CHF107,826 and CHF163,138. The regional Zurich vicar general makes CHF213,877.

Fastenopfer/Action de Carême and the Zurich clergy are almost without exception strong supporters of Francis and his “Church of the Poor.”

Picture: © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsRrmygolbue
GJA Taylor
These clergy are really a joke, love the dress up, titles and of course their lavish lifesyles, never dones a days work in their lives, pathetic really.
Well for Conciliar bishops, charity and state (a good lot of money that Conciliar bishops play with is taxpayer money) monies are just a means for personal enrichment. Boyfriends and saunas are expensive.