At the time, their financial situation was such that finding themselves without a studio and effectively “out of business,” at least temporarily, was a very real possibility.

How Michael Voris rolls | AKA Catholic

I’ve gotten a few emails and messages letting me know that Michael Voris has taken another jab at the Society of St. Pius X, alleging that they have…
Alex A
Thank you Louie.
Why would Catholic attack Catholic? I thought our enemy was Satan. We all make mistakes, right. No one's perfect. Christ said judge not lest you yourself be judged. He also said love one another as I have loved you.
My Jesus Mercy.
I'm not going to be snarky and start naming names, but let's be honest here. Catholics attack other Catholics all the time. Some of the most vicious arguments I've ever seen have been right here on GTV.
Filipe Lisboa
Is there truth on Michael Voris claims? He is backing it up well, while I see no one truly denying. All I see, are personal attacks.

We need Truth.
Vorris has, as far as I have heard, a priest of the Institute of Christ the King in his chapel. How about digging there for homosexual abuses...
People don't always like the truth Filipe Lisboa. Some truth is what Al Gore famously called "inconvenient truth". Anyone who presents that kind of truth gets attacked personally.
Please stop this schismatic claim. Benedict lifted the "excomnunication" -implemented wrongfully - by JPII. And just because SSPX is a traditional order does not necesarily mean the priests are exempt from temptations.
Voris is a total sell out _this is the worst time to do that "clean up" if this true _
-Lefevbre was 100% right Vatican II was lethal poison and Benedict XVI starts to see the truth THEY "push 'em out"