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Crisis Over But Francis Still Fuels Virus Panic

Francis fostered the coronavirus hysteria at the August 23 Angelus when invoking alleged “victims of the coronavirus,"

“So much suffering, so many people who lost their lives, victims of this disease,” he moaned. However, the numbers speak a different language.

In Italy, on August 22 a record number of 77,674 tests were performed finding 1,071 new infections of which over 90% were asymptomatic. There were only three deaths with the virus.

In Germany, the average daily death rate is 2,500 people, a number that didn't change during the coronavirus months but went up to 4,000 in March 2018 during a flue epidemic.

As usual, Francis spoke in front of a nearly empty Saint Peter’s Square because the New Rite Catholics were chased away by the coronavirus.


Pope Francis is following the Left's official policy of keeping the panic and the crisis going through the summer until the fall flu season comes back. Then, every flu will be "moar COVID".
Be Ye Separate
lol Paccimooma on the balcony with False Francis.
Alex A
"Oh to be in England now that COVID's not there"
F M Shyanguya
Cf The readings in today’s liturgy. Time is up for Pope Francis.
You wouldn't want to go without pay until "time is up for Pope Francis" Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, we're gonna be stuck with that guy for quite some time. Look at the previous pope. The guy resigned but imagine if he hadn't. Most guys start dropping dead in their mid seventies. Benedict in his nineties and still kicking
F M Shyanguya
Like it is time for the Holy Pontiff.

Why do they call him “Peter the Roman”?
To Speak of communism today seems almost anachronistic. Isn’t communism a thing of the past? According to what the Blessed Virgin told the visionaries of Garabandal the answer is no. Communism will again appear on the scene and cause great suffering before its reign of terror is suddenly ended.…/prophecy-about-…
The chart that should really be front page news.