Brandmüller: Gay Network Within Vatican "Evident”

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller is “very disappointed” about the Vatican abuse summit because the homosexual issue was concealed.

He told NCRegister (February 26) that the silence about homosexuality cries out to be broken, because therein lies the "real problem".

Brandmüller believes that discussing homosexuality would have been "dangerous for them" because "it’s evident there is a network of homosexuals within the Vatican.”

He confirms, “That’s the problem, there’s no question.”

Picture: Walter Brandmüller, #newsDqjqlsvetq
Remember this same "mea culpa show" that took place in Dallas with the defrocked McCarrick. Clerics should be removed of pastoral duties, and crimes investigated by District Attorney of their jurisdiction. Peodophiles do not fare well in prisons. Even hardended criminals are repulsed by their crimes.
The synod dog and pony show is over and the gay mafia will now go back to destroying both bodies and souls
Now what ?
So now all the righteous bishops should gather and fight for justice within the Vatican, to cast out the wolves in sheep clothing!!!!
*sigh* Lalanz, bishops are subordinate to the Curia.
Seems to be that the Devil May be hiding behind the “Curia”