Eric Clapton's Covid mandate protest music videos

Eric Clapton who wrote the beautiful tribute to Our Lady - Holy Mother - released a protest song/video on Friday against COVID mandates titled,
"This Has Gotta Stop".

According to Billboard, Clapton will not play shows that require patrons to show proof of vaccination.

The lyrics begin with: "This has gotta stop, enough is enough/ I can't take this BS any longer/ It's gone far enough, you wanna claim my soul/ You'll have to come and break down this door."

Clapton wrote a COVID-19 themed protest song with musician Van Morrison called "Stand and Deliver."

"Do you wanna be a free man/ Or do you wanna be a slave?/ Do you wanna wear these chains/ Until you're lying in the grave?", "Stand and deliver/ You let them put the fear on you."
Prayers for Eric Clapton. Ty for sharing.
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