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Mass-Immigration Bishop Champions Mass-Excommunication

The Church of mass-immigration now also promotes mass-excommunication.

The most recent example is Mazara del Vallo Bishop Domenico Mogavero, Italy. He sweepingly condemned the many supporters of the popular Italian deputy prime-minister Matteo Salvini,

“Who stands with Salvini cannot be called a Christian because he has denied the commandment of love”, an angry Mogavero exclaimed according to (May 20).

Salvini has successfully stopped mass-immigration into Italy. But Mogavero insulted Salvini as “increasingly arrogant."

Commentators on social media had an easy game with Mogavero. They stressed that he is "courageous" only when championing the oligarch media's ideology while he is silent in front of abortion, euthanasia, gender ideology and homosexual fornication.

In March 2011 Mogavero approved the Nato war crimes against Libya that started mass-immigration into Europe.

He emphatically supported the introduction of gay pseudo-marriage in Italy.

Picture: Domenico Mogavero, Matteo Salvini, #newsUbgqsybtgs
Holy Cannoli
Whether it comes from this nobody nor even from the pope himself, these kinds of public rebukes against Mateo will not instill any fear nor will it deter him from protecting his people from the Muslim illegal invasion. 😡
Correction: Bishop Domenico Mogavero is much more than an ordinary run of the mill "nobody."…/progressive-bis…