Cardinal Bergoglio: "Women Have Been the Most Struck in History"

In the book "On Heaven and Earth", published in 2012, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio tells Rabbi Abraham Skorka that “the place where one receives the most attacks, where one hits the most, is always the most important.”

According to him, Satan strikes where there is more salvation, more transmission of life, “and the woman - as an existential venue – has been the most struck in history.”

“She has been the object of use, of profit, of slavery, she was relegated to the background.” Bergoglio doesn't explain on what important “foreground” women missed out.

During his January 1 homily Francis issued a harsh condemnation of violence against women, saying that "every violence inflicted on women is a profanation of God."


...like an arrow that has left the bow with the perfect arc, and blazing toward the dead-center of the target only to lose momentum and end up piercing the sod in front of it.
He gearing up for female priests
Man and woman have the same dignity by nature. They have no holiness in themselves, they are creatures.
Of course, the woman suffers more damage, according to St. Paul, because she sinned first.
That is not what Bergoglio says.
LOL Unrepentant Jorge of the Pachamamas would know!!
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.