Cupich’s Role in Francis’ Scheme

The Italian daily Il Giornale (December 25) has quoted a source which explains the meteoric career of the ultraliberal Chicago Cardinal Blasé Cupich.

According to this source Cupich represents “the anti-Dolan and the anti-Burke”.

“He is used [by Pope Francis] to move the U.S. Bishops Conference to the left”.

Picture: Blasé Cupich, © Fast Families, Flickr, CC BY-ND, #newsFoevsjyala
Dr Bobus
@De Profundis. God's power is not subject to man's. If man permits God to change him, it is because he has first received cooperating grace. Grace perfects nature, and human nature includes freedom.
THey are deceivers
Catholics resist these cardinals ,bishops and priests that do not stand for the true faith
De Profundis
C.S.Lewis: “God won’t alter people’s character by force. He can and will alter them—but only if the people will let Him…He would rather have a world of free beings, with all its risks, than a world of people who did right like machines because they couldn’t do anything else.“