Entire Host Found on the Ground After World Youth Day Mass

“I found an entire piece of the Blessed Sacrament, our Lord Jesus Christ, on the ground while walking around the grassy field after the Sendoff Mass at the Panama World Youth Day 2019” – the Filipino Catholic Marvin Sy wrote on social media (January 28).

In order to prevent further desecration, Sy consumed the host on the spot,

“I hope the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for World Your Day next time would check the ground around them before leaving, for this is the true Presence of Christ, and should not be taken lightly”, he writes.

This problem, connected to Communion in the hand has been known for decades, but the Vatican seems uninterested in doing something about it.

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De Profundis
This was another church. (Street confessional in Italy)
So few Catholics have any awareness nowadays. Not necessarily deliberate.
Novus Ordo=All symbolism, no substance!
Nothing new. The youth haven't been taught about the Eucharist so naturally they don't believe that is Christ.
this has been done before in other WYD,s non reverence to the body of our Lord
This man in photo should not be holding it, he should have licked it up off the ground!!!!
De Profundis
I heard at a previous WYDs, they were passing the Eucharist to each other from the front to those in the back
Yes, I've heard the same. Actually, I'm pretty sure had a video.
Lisi Sterndorfer
This is why communion shouldn't be distributed at these outdoor super masses. Is it really worth the sacrilege that always ends up happening?