Don Reto Nay
@Arthur McGowan: Good question, how Cavalcoli could defend Amoris Laetitia. I corresponded with him about this and still don't understand.
Arthur McGowan
Maybe he WAS a defender of Amoris.
Don Reto Nay
I doubt, because, as I said, I corresponded at length with him about this and there was no way to change his opinion.
Brother Timothy Marie shares this

Swiss MP on Islam
Arthur McGowan
Mystery: If he believes what he says about Bergoglio's heresy, how is this priest a "defender of Amoris Laetitia"?

It isn't just Bergoglio (who, thanks to Dr. Edmund Mazza, we now understand is Bishop of Rome, but not Pope). The Ape Church (which came into formal existence with the murder of Sr. Lucia) has always been pro-abortion, pro-contraception, and pro-sodomy.
Alex A
@Arthur McGowan, "Sr. Lucia Murdered" Where on earth did that nonsense emanate from?