BATTLE STATIONS - THIS IS NOT A DRILL: CNN Doctor Says It’s “Time To Start Mandating” COVID Jabs "It looks like it's a race against time, Gates and Co. trying to compel people to take the Jab from Sept. obtaining a full approval using fake claims before legal action can be organized." - Jane Bürgermeister, Austrian investigative journalist, former medical journal editor & writer
Live Mike

Video: CNN Doctor Says It’s “Time To Start Mandating” COVID Vaccines

CNN ran a broadcast Thursday with its own medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner declaring that it is “time to start mandating” coronavirus vaccines …
Such a mandate will tell us how useful or not the right to bear arms is.
For once, their hysteria will be true. The hospital emergency rooms are going to be packed.
The New Knights Templar
I'm not an attorney but my guess is if a company mandates the jab, in essence they are forcing you to do something they believe is good for all and safe for you to do. That means liability issues. If you take away a person's choice and make that choice for them, you're responsible for the outcome of that choice.
Technically correct. However, politicized activist judges are notorious for rulings that ignore legal precedent.
The New Knights Templar
Good point. Trump replaced a few of them but there a a good number of them out there.
Lisi Sterndorfer
All Governments singing from the same hymn sheet. Therefore one United front of counter truths fits all. Yes Mike, “Battle stations”.
Last time I checked, a talking-head doctor on left-wing CNN isn't Uncle Sam. Neither is Sleepy Joe. Legal action will be swifter than they can imagine.