USA: Married Deacons Show Declining Numbers

Based on a questionnaire sent to all U.S. dioceses, the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) estimates there are about 19,000 deacons in the United States today.

Last year, 788 permanent deacons retired or died and 587 were ordained. 75% of the married deacons are over 60.

The archdiocese with the most deacons (852) is Chicago Archdiocese, followed by Los Angeles (426). Other dioceses and archdioceses with at least 250 deacons are: Galveston-Houston (367), San Antonio (364), New York (305), Atlanta (299), St. Louis (297), Rockville Centre (268), Philadelphia (265), Boston (255).

However, the diocese with the smallest ratio of Catholics to deacons is Lexington (508 Catholics per deacon) followed by Rapid City (640/d), Jefferson City (703/d), Bismarck (725/d), Amarillo (747/d), Duluth (779/d), Anchorage (783/d), Savannah (871/d), Pensacola-Tallahassee (893/d).

One in nine active permanent deacons are financially compensated for ministry in 2020, a continuation of a downward trend from 27% in 2001.

Picture © mazur, CC BY-NC-SA

alfred dunn
Good, there is absolutely no need for them.
In the Acts of the Apostles, the deacon was tasked with the social action stuff (tending the Greek widows, etc) in order that the priest may have time to preach as he ought. In my experience, the deacon was required to preach in order to give the priest time off !!! go figure.............
This might actually be a good thing, Tesa Permanent deacons are an aspect of the watered down Novus Ordo culture, essentially "pretend priests". If they're fading, then it's a positive reflection of what's happening to the Novus Ordo demographics in general.
You know the vocations problem in the US Church is bad when they’re even running low on permanent deacons