Masons and Homosexualists Help Wife to Kill Her Helpless Husband

France is shaken by the case of Vincent Lambert, 42, who after a 2008 street accident has been in a semi-conscience coma.

His Catholic parents try to keep him alive, but his wife Rachel who has remade her life, wants him dead. In the last ten years, different court decisions have allowed Lambert’s killing and then reversed the decision.

A suicide-group with the fake name “Association pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignité” (ADMD) is paying for Rachel’s lawyers.

In 1980 the same group earned money with a booklet presenting methods to commit suicide. It has help depressed people to commit suicide.

According to Medias-Presse.Info (May 24) the group is colse to masonic circles. Its president, Jean-Luc Romero, is a socialist and homosexual militant, infected with HIV.


Eric M
Masons and Homosexualists are so perverse. God help them.