Nuncio Gullickson Calls It "Quite True" That Bishops Don’t Want Priests

In conversations with Swiss Catholics, he often hears the question: "How can one expect a young man to enter the seminary, when those who are in charge of the Church do not want priests?"

The excellent Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, Nuncio in Switzerland, said this in his sermon on Christ the King in Sankt Pelagiberg, Switzerland (, 25 October).

Gullickson qualifies this statement as "quite true." However, he explains that this isn't essential, rather, the vocations consists in standing "at the side of Jesus.”


Fr Dan
They tried that here way back. If you have no priests, you have a crisis and in crisis you can try to get married priest of priestesses'.
To attempt to ordain women, you cease to be Catholic. Its just that simple.