Gay Blasphemy Legislation: Catholic Publisher Sentenced for Things He Didn’t Write

A court in Como, Italy, sentenced Piergiorgio Seveso, the editor of RadioSpada.org – a Catholic news-webpage founded in Milan in June 2012 - on 17 …
"...a militant homosexual, member of the neo-communist Democratic Party "-which apparenlty controls the courts of Italy. Stay classy, EU. :P
In light of Vladimir Putin’s recent comments condemning homosexuals, maybe the Leonine prayers should be said for the conversion of Italy, rather than Russia.
P. O'B
Heck, before he goes to jail, I hope he does write something which is really offensive to homosexuals.
atreverse pensar
We have to quote Romans 1 whatever they say.
atreverse pensar
And wich comments where?
De Profundis
Extravagant moustache and clothing of Piergiorgio Seveso
Piergiorgio Gabriele Seveso
Thanks for the "extravagant": surely extravagant but integral roman catholic. To see more this is my Fb profile Log in or sign up to view